Expert Native English Speaker and German to English Translator Will Perfect Your Business Writing

Perfect Your English-Language Business Writing
Appear as Good as You Are!

Every business today needs a distinctive online English-language presence. But nothing ruins a competent professional image quicker than spelling, grammatical, or translation errors.

Ensure that your materials reflect and accurately represent the successful business you’ve worked hard to build.

Perfect your business English! False friends, colloquialisms, slang: Sometimes it can be hard to know what proper business English should be and what belongs more on social media or the latest Netflix show. In fact, one off-target word can ruin the tone of a whole presentation by casting your general competence into doubt; I can help you tuck the nuance you need into precise words so that you appear as proficient as you are.

Is your English good? I’m sure that it is. You are fluent, speak with international clients daily, and feel at home in the language. But written communication is not the same as the spoken word. Why not have an expertly trained American translator review your English-language materials to be sure? I will help you acquire and retain your customers by perfecting every detail of your English.

I have extensive experience translating and editing both human and machine translations of German and Persian-Farsi into English for accuracy and cultural appropriateness. I specialize in creative writing, advertising, marketing, promotion, business communication, and technical documentation. 

Would you like to present your business as more proficient, trustworthy, and effective? Do you want your communications to be clear and persuasive? Let me save you time and resources by translating your site directly in the back end, translating your website into International, U.S., or British English.

And your trained translator does much more!

My services include:

Copywriting directly in English, English editing and translation post-editing, translation, and language coaching.

I have edited and translated a variety of texts, including:

  • Internet Homepages – copy and translation
  • Website translation in back end (various programs)
  • Social-media posts
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Documents for trade fairs and expos
  • Advertisements and press releases
  • B2B and B2C correspondence and newsletters
  • Emails
  • Official documents and course descriptions
  • Catalogs
  • Articles and reports
  • Product specifications
  • Non-fiction books
  • Lectures and speeches
  • CVs and application documents


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