Examples of my Work

I hired Bettina Hindes as an editor of my book, “The Spiritual Minimalist“, and commissioned her to polish the ad copy for the book campaign and proofread the manuscript. It became immediately obvious to me that she combines the two rare master virtues of an editor, thoroughness and promptness. Her capacity to travel through the worlds of inspired phrasing is magical, and she has a admirable sense for grasping the author’s unique intention and serving it by the most refined verbal means. I strongly recommend Bettina’s highly professional and reliable translating and editing work.

Torben Maiwald, Composer and Author

www.torbenmaiwald.de | Facebook

German to English translation of Schober Marketing Website

German to English translation of Foundation Edith Maryon Website

Editing and German to English translation of press releases and website: Das Goetheanum

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